Cost: $140/kg for 5-50 kg and $130/kg for 50+ kg.

The Semi-Shade Forest Edge Seed Mix consists of wildflowers and grasses designed for semi shade conditions.  Species will thrive in full-part sun, in average-well drained soils, and is ideal for smaller scale sites like under shade trees or in semi-shaded areas around structures.  This mix is designed to add diversity to existing landscapes and once established, these species are drought tolerant.

Every Wildtype Seed Mix is made with 100% locally sourced native seed.  All bulk seed is derived from true Ontario genotype specimens, scaled up on our farm and processed in-house.

(ideal for suburban and industrial spaces)
Apply at 10-15 kg/ha

Common Name



Silky Wild-RyeElymus villosus30
Virginia Wild RyeElymus virginicus30
Slender Wheat GrassElymus trachycaulus15
Indian GrassSorghastrum nutans5
Switch GrassPanicum virgatum5
Soft AgrimonyAgrimonia pubescens4
Panicledleaf ticktrefoilDesmodium paniculatum5
Late FigwortScrophularia marilandica4
Hairy Beard-TonguePenstemon hirsutus1
Arrow-Leaved AsterSymphyotrichum urophyllum1

For best results follow these instructions:

Store seed in a cool dry place until needed.

  1. Prepare seeding area-remove weeds, cultivate and ammend as required, pack but avoid smoothing out the soil completely.
  2. Cover with 1/4? top soil or mulch, or harrow.
  3. Sow in late fall or early spring, avoid summer planting.

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