Cost: $130/kg for 5-50 kg and $120/kg for 50+ kg.

The Bobolink and Meadowlark Seed Mix consists of a mix of grasses, sedges, and wildflowers designed to foster habitat for nesting birds.  This mix contains more cool season grasses that actively grow in the Spring when the birds are nesting to provide cover.  Wildflowers and warm season grasses are also a part of this mix and offer colour and interest after the birds have finished nesting.  This seed mix performs best in full sun, thrives in medium-most, rich soils, and is suitable for field or meadow naturalization.

 Every Wildtype Seed Mix is made with 100% locally sourced native seed.  All bulk seed is derived from true Ontario genotype specimens, scaled up on our farm and processed in-house.

(Apply at 10-12 kg/ha, provides >70% graminoid cover)

Common NameSpecies%
Virginia Wild RyeElymus virginicus25
Riverbank Wild RyeElymus riparius25
Silky Wild-RyeElymus villosus20
Switch GrassPanicum virgatum10
Canada Wild RyeElymus canadensis5
Fringed SedgeCarex crinita1
Soft RushJuncus effusus1
Common Evening-PrimroseOenothera biennis5
Sweet Ox-EyeHeliopsis helianthoides2
Showy Tick-TrefoilDesmodium canadense2
Indian HempApocynum cannabinum2
Early GoldenrodSolidago juncea1
Flat-topped  AsterDoellingeria umbellata1

Recommended Non-native Crop Options

(Apply at 15kg/ha with Bobolink & Meadowlark Mix)

Annual Rye GrassLolium multiflorum
OatsAvena sativa
White MilletPanicum millaceum

Instructions for best results:

  1. Store seed in a cool dry place until needed.
  2. Prepare seeding area-remove weeds, cultivate and ammend as required, pack but avoid smoothing out the soil completely.
  3. Cover with 1/4″ top soil or mulch, or harrow.
  4. Sow in late fall (best time) or early spring, avoid summer planting.

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