White Cedar
White Cedar
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White Cedar

Thuja occidentalis

White cedar is a dense, often single-trunked, evergreen tree that grows throughout Ontario, especially in damp areas. It's a hardy tree that grows slowly, usually living up to 200 years!

  • Hardiness zone: 3-7
  • Height: 20-50 feet; 6-15 metres
  • Spread: 10-15 feet; 3-5 meters
  • Sun: Full-sun to part-shade, avoiding full shade or over-exposed, windy sites
  • Soil: Grows well in a variety of soils, including sand, loam, and clay
  • Moisture: Prefers moderate moisture and is intolerant of very dry conditions
  • Wildlife: Its seeds are an important food source for finches in winter. This tree also provides shelter for white-tailed deer, which also nibble at its twigs during the winter
  • Tolerates: Air pollution and growing nearby Black Walnut
  • Noteworthy characteristics: This stout conifer has small cones that are each about one centimetre long, and grow in clumps of 10-12 cones. Small yellowish-green scaly leaves cover its twigs. Its fragrant bark is thin and shiny at first and separates into flat narrow strips as the tree matures.