It’s at our core.

At St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre, we believe strongly in the need to protect, enhance, and restore the natural beauty and biodiversity of our landscapes. We envision a future where the health and sustainability of our economies, our cultures, and our natural environments co-exist in mutually beneficial relationships. The interdependence of ecological, cultural, and economic health is a big inspiration for our business.

Our mission in conservation:

  • Provide quality, ecologically appropriate native species stock in support of natural biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration, natural resource and landscape management in a strengthened and diversified green business
  • Work as a leading science-based business & consultancy, ensuring the highest quality of products & services for protecting and restoring native species and their habitats
  • Create sustainable and economic opportunities by working with our partners to support the development of Ontario’s own native plant industry that can achieve biodiversity conservation goals, and advance the benefits of science-based ecological restoration
  • Educate the public about the beauty, utility, and importance of indigenous plants and plant systems for conserving a healthy & diverse planet
  • Lead in the conservation of natural biotic systems by donating a portion of our profits to support ecological restoration and conservation projects